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Hot Fuzz

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A brilliant action-comedy from writers Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. It’s one of my favourite films, and I can’t believe I’d never gotten around to review it.

This is my favourite film because it is so cleverly written and very funny. It follows the story of goody-two-shoes London policeman named Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) who gets transferred to a small, rural village against his will… Continue reading

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Dark Places – Gillian Flynn

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After finishing Murder on the Orient Express on holiday, I moved on to Dark Places; a natural choice as I loved Gone Girl so much.

This was certainly a very dark story. More horror than thriller in parts, particularly due to the satanic themes. So it’s not really a novel I would whole-heartedly recommend to everyone.

I certainly don’t think Dark Places should have a ‘if you liked Gone Girl, you’ll love this’ kind of review. Because they’re both rather different.

However, it still has Gillian Flynn’s genius way of writing… Continue reading

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Murder on the Orient Express

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‘Um. No.’ – My review in brief of both the film and book.

I read the book then immediately watched the film, but ultimately they were both disappointing. (The film, more so.)

I am a huge Agatha Christie fan and have read a fair few of her books, but despite its fame, Murder on the Orient Express is by far the biggest disappointment – mostly due to the ending… Continue reading

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It Don’t Seem Right – Eyal Erlich

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It Don’t Seem Right is an acoustic song with the raw and stripped-back sound of Eyal Erlich. Erlich is a relatively new artist who is currently performing throughout Israel, and plans to release his first album this year. His waning … Continue reading

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Mississippi Devil – The Darkest Hearts

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Hailing from Tennessee, The Darkest Hearts is a hard rock band recently nominated for the Nashville Industry Music Award for Best Alternative Rock Band. They are drawing attention world-wide for their unique combination of rock, pop and punk genres, featuring striking guitars and rich, theatrical vocals… Continue reading

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Say You’re Mine – Smoking Martha

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Aussie rockers, Smoking Martha, are releasing their debut album In Deep. After listening to their single Say You’re Mine, I would say that Smoking Martha is a traditional punk rock band, which is so refreshing considering the rock bands of today are becoming more and more plastic and glossy… Continue reading

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Million Dollar Baby

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I have heard references to this movie within multiple movies (Pitch Perfect in particular), but had never bothered watching it. From the outside, I figured it’s just a violent, shallow and dark tale of a female boxer. So I never showed much interest before I was leant the movie, so I thought I should give it a go… Continue reading

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