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Little Johnny – Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders

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You’ve probably seen my reviews of Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders here, here and here. Here’s another – their new song, Little Johnny.

This slow rock song is featured on their third album, Greenbah. A dark and moody tune akin to that of Johnny Cash and The Eagles, I reckon.

The band’s distinctive husky voice, whining violin and tense guitar can still be heard – Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders are loyal to their sound… Continue reading

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Love Ain’t A Prize – Donica Knight

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Another country princess makes a pop song.

Despite being a high-production-value song and music video, Love Ain’t a Prize left me feeling like I had heard it all before. The country-pop genre tends to be quite monotonous for me.

This is not a poorly-made song, but the chorus repeats itself, which makes the writing appear lazy.

The style and sound becomes a self-fulfilling stereotype. The classic black-tassel-wearing and silver-studded band members came as no surprise in Donica Knight’s video… Continue reading

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Lie – Blue Moon Harem

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This classic 1990’s-sounding ballad, Lie, is a melancholy rock anthem with heavy guitar and drums backing strong and gravelly vocals.

With powerful guitar solos and a hard rock bridge, Blue Moon Harem’s song reminds me of string-heavy ’90s bands such as Nickleback and Soundgarden.

The vocalist has a husky voice, that reminds me of Collective Soul’s vocalist Ed Roland in their song The World We Know. Blue Moon Harem’s vocals are emotionally-charged and compliment the band’s rock genre well… Continue reading

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Gone to the Dogs – Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders

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This is the third song I’ve reviewed of Billy Roberts’. Seen It All Before, No More Mr Nice Guy and now Gone to the Dogs. This latest tune has lived up to the country-rock sound of Billy Roberts and co. for sure. As I’ve mentioned in my previous reviews, the vocals are wee bit flat, in a spoken-word tone. This doesn’t quite live up to the energy of the electric guitar and sliding guitar sound… Continue reading

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What Was Yesterday – My Secret Island

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This is a song by the German band named My Secret Island. I was going to call them a goth-rock band based upon their latest single: What Was Yesterday because of their zombie-themed music video and heavy guitars.

However, looking through their back catalogue I found a fantastic range of genres including a cover of T. Roe’s Sheila from the 1960s and a more upbeat electro-rock sounding song named Evil Fire.

What Was Yesterday is a rock song with a well done music video portraying a sort of Frankenstein-zombie apocalypse story. It’s awesome to see a band take as much time with their music videos as they do with their songs.

If you isolate each component of this song you will get the essence of this genre mash-up.

The drumming reminds me of… Continue reading

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Last Night by Claus Zinger

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I was talking to my hairdresser about how tired I am with the monotonous pop songs and icons who are thrown into the spotlight until they’re wrung dry, with their music played relentlessly on the radio. We both mentioned some artists we enjoy who are quite underground in the music scene, who we hoped to hear more from in popular culture.

Any artist who goes out of their way to sound different should be applauded. It is certainly difficult to break away from the mould, and I think along with many other indie/alternative artists, Claus Zinger is doing it… Continue reading

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I Can’t Take It – Tegan and Sara

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This is one of my favourite songs by the Canadian twin, Tegan and Sara.

These indie rock singer-song-writers have been around since 1995, now with seven albums. This song is from their fourth album, So Jealous.

I guess my favourite thing about I Can’t Take It, is the pace of the song. As soon as the guitar starts it suddenly makes me feel super relaxed.

I love those songs that are so emotive!

Check out their other tunage. Most of my favourite songs are on the album called The Con, but So Jealous is close behind.

The more you listen, the more you can tell which song is written by who, and who is singing. Tegan and Sara have very distinctive writing and singing styles.

Such awesome musicians… Continue reading

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