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Love the Original Way (short film)

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Judging by the 40-second trailer, Love the Original Way’s plot was difficult to grasp.

Having consulted the Facebook page, I discovered this was a romantic comedy about a recovering alcoholic woman, Sissy, who turns to online dating.

After a few weird dates with various people, the so-called ‘mentally-unstable’ woman finds out that a man she has been messaging is actually in her drug and alcohol rehab class.

The concept seems a bit dark for a comedy, but online dating aspect is probably quite relatable to a young audience… Continue reading

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A Little Heart (short film)

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A Little Heart is a short film about a student who finds a disused music room, and rediscovers the old magic of playing an instrument.

I do enjoy the simplicity of this film. One person, one room, no dialogue. Emotion is transferred via the use of lighting, which tells the story of how the character is feeling. The lighting transforms the dingy room into concert hall for the character… Continue reading

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Glitch #1

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With a mere $200 budget, Glitch #1 is a music video that shows a post-apocalyptic world in all its darkness.

A woman types frantically on a tinfoil-covered laptop as her apparent space ship is hurtling through the stars.

The music is really quite unique; every individual sound effect is made from scratch, and never repeated… Continue reading

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Crash Testing (short film)

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That is so freaky… I love it!

Crash Testing is a short 4 minute animation showing the life and desires of a crash dummy – the ones companies put into vehicles to see how a body would fare in a car crash.

Not a word of dialogue, which works so well. The sound effects tell the story incredibly well. This is a whole art form in itself, which is so well utilised in this animation… Continue reading

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Goldfish (short film)

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This is a story about a child, Rosie (Aimee Branson), who in basic terms has Alzheimer’s disease. The mother, Anna (Lindsay Bennett), has a choice: To enjoy the final 18 months with her daughter, or have a procedure that allows Rosie to survive, but with a 99 percent chance of her having no existing memories remain.

‘Delete her life’ – she dies either way… Continue reading

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A Great Speech: Look Up

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I’ve written on this subject before regarding a fantastic poem called Touchscreen.

I came across this other spoken word video ages ago, but it came up on my newsfeed again today (how ironic!).

It’s made by Gary Turk, about how alone we can be despite having so many ‘friends’ online. I think this sums it up; how isolated generation Y is. Despite being so connected.

It’s a chilling and upsetting observation. I can certainly relate. Seeing couples out, but staring at their screens in silence. Friends more concerned about checking how many likes their selfie has gotten rather than speaking to the person next to them… Continue reading

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Tissue (Short film)

A six minute film made in a 60 hour film competition about a drinker with a writing problem.

A one-character show with little dialogue, but a compelling voice over script making it seem almost Sin City-esk. Continue reading

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