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My Favourite Character: Louise Sawyer

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I recently reviewed Thelma and Louise, which is my favourite movie of all time.

Out of the two main characters, I connected with Louise more because I admire her more than Thelma (who is ditsy, and reminds me too much of myself!).

Louise is so sassy. In the bar scene at the beginning of their road trip, I love how she doesn’t even give Harlan (a guy at the bar who is hitting on them) the time of day… Continue reading

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Thelma & Louise

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If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s about two women who needed a break from their respective husband and boyfriend, and took a weekend away. Except, after getting caught up in a major kerfuffle, the women find themselves on the run from the law. They have never experienced such freedom, and use the lack of rules to their advantage by going on a crime spree. But, they do take moral responsibility for everything they do. They are able to fully explore who they are without the moulding of a man in their lives. Continue reading

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