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Well, right off the bat this movie screams IT’S THE SAME DIRECTOR AS INCEPTION. The familiar cast members, the editing, colour-scheme and the over-complicated storyline were just a few of the tell-tale Nolan signs.

However, as I am a massive Inception fan, I was not upset about this. In fact, I was hoping to see more of the same cast (where’s Leo at?). Continue reading

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Back to the Future III

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Awesome – as per usual.
In this epic final, we are thrown back to the west! 1885 to be exact, where Doc is now trapped but “happy”. However, since receiving this letter (which was handed down through the postal service for many years) Marty had found Doc’s (of 1885) grave – he was shot by Biff’s great grandfather only six days after writing the letter. So he goes back to save him.

Wow! Another complex storyline, is it not? In a totally awesome way of course!! … Continue reading

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