Never Tear Us Apart – Paloma Faith’s cover

Paloma Faith - Never Tear us apart songNever Tear Us Apart was written and performed by Australian rock band INXS in 1988. However, it was originally written in a bluesy genre with a similar sound to Fats Domino.

Oh how I would have loved to hear that version.

I do like the INXS version, but mostly because of the gnarly saxophone solo – which simply isn’t long enough!

However, Paloma Faith covered their song in 2012. She brought her jazzy/pop/blues sound to it, making it spine-tingling. I love it. Particularly the high note she pulls on this line:

I told you, that we could fly. ’cause we all have wings, but some of us don’t know WHHHHHY!

The only thing that’s missing from Faith’s version is a lengthy saxophone solo! Perhaps I’ll try to edit INXS’ sax solo into the bridge of Faith’s version.

Check it out:



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