He’s Got Character (Short film)

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I enjoyed the concept of the storyline very much – a love triangle between a play director, the actor and the actor’s character. The director falls for the character, but not the actor, and has to think up a clever way to get out of it.

It almost reminds me of Stranger Than Fiction in a way – how someone can be so close to a person when they are a distant idea, only to become discouraged by their flaws and complexities in real life. It’s the difference between the idea of a person, and reality – like meeting a celebrity, I guess.

The acting was pretty good, particularly by Melbourne actress Lore Burns… Continue reading

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I am ashamed how close I came to watching Tina Fey’s new movie, Sisters, rather than seeing this touching drama. (I still reckon Tina Fey is a genius, though.)

After seeing the Brooklyn trailer I was prepared to see a slow-paced, sullen and potentially grim film. But this was not the case!

I walked out of the cinema feeling uplifted, positive and encouraged. I felt as though I’d been wrapped up in a big, fat duvet, sung a lullaby while sipping on hot cocoa inside by the fire during a blizzard… It gave me the warm and fuzzies, and made me feel happy… Continue reading

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The Time Traveler’s Wife

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A heart-breaking story about, not the person who leaves, but the person who’s perpetually left behind.

I like this unusual perspective, particularly since time-travel is such an attractive, but foreign, concept. Yet, the story is focused on the more human and deeply relatable themes.

I’ve heard the book is fantastic – I’m going to read it this summer. But, the movie is exquisite. If you haven’t seen or read The Time Traveler’s Wife, the low-down is that a man is a time traveller and his wife is not. The time traveller, named Henry (Eric Bana) can’t control his travelling, so his impromptu disappearances and reappearances become a way of life for his wife Clare Abshire (Rachel McAdams)… Continue reading

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Remembering David Bowie and Alan Rickman

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Two legends gone at the age of 69. I am so shocked and gutted. They are English artists who both died of cancer within four days of each other… Continue reading

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Top 5: Why Fiona Apple and Sharon Van Etten should be best friends

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My two favourite singer-song writers: Fiona Apple and Sharon Van Etten need to be BFFs.

I can’t believe it – there isn’t even a photo of them together, a cover of each other’s songs, or a duet by either of them. I’m hoping they don’t see each other as direct competition or foes…

Therefore, I have collated five compelling reasons why they need to be besties forever… Continue reading

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As you may know by reading my “Looking forward to: Suffragette” post, I have been obsessed with this film for months. I’ve watched every movie clip, interview and behind-the-scenes glimpse.

Unfortunately, it appears the film company have actually released the entire movie throughout their promotion of Suffragette… I felt like I had already seen it by the time I watched it in the cinema.

If you too have watched the trailers that have been released, you have actually seen the beginning, the most scandalous and shocking scenes, as well as the final scene… Continue reading

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Brave Man – Will Young

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A timely and heart-breaking video to match a strong and inspiring song.

At face-value, Will Young’s Brave Man is an empowering and uplifting tune to say the least. However, the controversial music video puts the song in context, which follows a young naked transgender man’s journey, making it a timely and inspirational message… Continue reading

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