Courting Chaos

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Once a clown, now a director, Alan Clay is a successful homegrown indie filmmaker who has made this film Courting Chaos.

The film is about a girl, Ginger (Rachelle DiMaria), who falls in love with a street clown, Chaos (Alastair Bayardo). But in order for the relationship to work, she has to change. Continue reading

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Council House Opera – Warme

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I really love this track!

They remind me a lot of Radiohead, mixed with a sort of Shihad kind of deal – sort of grunge, but upbeat.

I cranked this baby up, and the layering of the vocals is what makes this song! His gravelly voice raises the song above a typical pop song into a something with a sound I haven’t really heard anywhere before… Continue reading

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New Guy – Sarkodie ft. Ace Hood

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First of all, I should declare that rap music really isn’t my jam.

But I do appreciate the general gist of the song meaning, which I understand it to be about making something of yourself when everything is against you.

Every story got a two-side
T-shirt tryna make it to the suit and tie

I think New Guy would be a great candidate for a remix… Continue reading

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When You Lost Your Situation – David Arn

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The first thing I thought was ‘Nick Cave’. I think it’s David Arn’s gravelly voice and story-telling songs.

I agree with Arn’s previous critics who say that his strong point is certainly the lyrics.

“When you lost your situation, gypsies went home sick”

When Lost In Your Situation sounds like a song I’d expect to hear on one of my favourite films, Thelma & Louise, or on classic indie stations and films with its lost-sounding guitar and the grounding vocals… Continue reading

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My Lonely Me

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A slightly abstract musical about a young woman uncovering mysteries of her childhood.

Reiga (Sabrina Dickens) is a music student suffering from flashbacks and hallucinations, particularly of a little girl. As the movie goes on, it gets darker and even rather creepy.

The little girl is Reiga’s younger self, who helps her uncover family secrets and come to terms with the tragedies of her past that she has mentally blocked out… Continue reading

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Pokey LaFarge Comes Back to Town

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It seems I didn’t scare them off!

You may remember my hypo blog post this time last year… Here’s another:

Pokey LaFarge returns to Auckland! It was grand. This time, promoting their brand new album Something In the Water, which was released in New Zealand on the night – well before the official April 7 release date.

A lot has changed with their sound, still keeping their fantastic ragtime/blues genre and tempo, but with an extra player added to the team… Continue reading

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I’m sure you’ve heard of Whiplash, and referred to it as ‘that drumming film with Juno’s dad in it.’

Or, perhaps you first heard of it when J.K. Simmons won best supporting actor at the Oscars for his role in Whiplash. (Which, OH MY GOD did he deserve. He was… Every teacher I’ve ever feared.)

Although, I reckon everyone should have known Whiplash as ‘that amazing film I went to see yesterday for the second time’. Yet, at least in Auckland’s case, it was barely shown – if at all – in the major cinemas… Continue reading

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