Rebirth (web series)

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Director: Kristopher Stoltz Writer: Kristopher Stoltz Production company: Non-Human Films — Rebirth is a horror web series that follows a group of survivors who are being hunted by a faceless enemy. The editing is snappy and the lighting is well done in … Continue reading

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Glitch #1

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With a mere $200 budget, Glitch #1 is a music video that shows a post-apocalyptic world in all its darkness.

A woman types frantically on a tinfoil-covered laptop as her apparent space ship is hurtling through the stars.

The music is really quite unique; every individual sound effect is made from scratch, and never repeated… Continue reading

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I only had a vague idea of what Deadpool was. I hadn’t seen the trailer, but countless people had recommended the superhero film, saying it was hilarious.

Frankly, you’d have to have a bit of a dark side to you, tough skinned, if you will. A bit of black humour, to have a full-on belly laugh at this film.

The blood, gore and violence reminded me of Watchmen – no one warned me of this… So, consider this a warning to all the girlfriends who have been convinced by their boyfriends that this is a funny film.

It is…


It’s also incredibly gory… Continue reading

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Crash Testing (short film)

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That is so freaky… I love it!

Crash Testing is a short 4 minute animation showing the life and desires of a crash dummy – the ones companies put into vehicles to see how a body would fare in a car crash.

Not a word of dialogue, which works so well. The sound effects tell the story incredibly well. This is a whole art form in itself, which is so well utilised in this animation… Continue reading

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He’s Got Character (Short film)

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I enjoyed the concept of the storyline very much – a love triangle between a play director, the actor and the actor’s character. The director falls for the character, but not the actor, and has to think up a clever way to get out of it.

It almost reminds me of Stranger Than Fiction in a way – how someone can be so close to a person when they are a distant idea, only to become discouraged by their flaws and complexities in real life. It’s the difference between the idea of a person, and reality – like meeting a celebrity, I guess.

The acting was pretty good, particularly by Melbourne actress Lore Burns… Continue reading

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I am ashamed how close I came to watching Tina Fey’s new movie, Sisters, rather than seeing this touching drama. (I still reckon Tina Fey is a genius, though.)

After seeing the Brooklyn trailer I was prepared to see a slow-paced, sullen and potentially grim film. But this was not the case!

I walked out of the cinema feeling uplifted, positive and encouraged. I felt as though I’d been wrapped up in a big, fat duvet, sung a lullaby while sipping on hot cocoa inside by the fire during a blizzard… It gave me the warm and fuzzies, and made me feel happy… Continue reading

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The Time Traveler’s Wife

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A heart-breaking story about, not the person who leaves, but the person who’s perpetually left behind.

I like this unusual perspective, particularly since time-travel is such an attractive, but foreign, concept. Yet, the story is focused on the more human and deeply relatable themes.

I’ve heard the book is fantastic – I’m going to read it this summer. But, the movie is exquisite. If you haven’t seen or read The Time Traveler’s Wife, the low-down is that a man is a time traveller and his wife is not. The time traveller, named Henry (Eric Bana) can’t control his travelling, so his impromptu disappearances and reappearances become a way of life for his wife Clare Abshire (Rachel McAdams)… Continue reading

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