Miles Above the Baseline – I, Symptom

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Miles Above the Baseline is an astronomical-inspired song with emotive lyrics, self-described as ‘an unsupervised journey in space’. The alternative, electronic rock & roll genre with extraterrestrial-inspired material, reminds me of the War of the Worlds soundtrack. But this creates the unique style of I, Symptom. Continue reading

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In The Air Tonight [cover] – Peter Nordberg

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Peter Nordberg covers the Phil Collins classic, In The Air Tonight. With Nickleback-esk vocals and traditional-sounding stringed and percussion instruments, Nordberg certainly brings a different angle to the well-known song… Continue reading

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Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home – Lyrics of Two

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Lyrics of Two is an indie/folk/pop band from California with a unique style. They have been the #1 band in Los Angeles Deli Music Charts, a chart for emerging and indie artists, and have been well-received by a dedicated following… Continue reading

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Say You’re Mine – Smoking Martha

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Aussie rockers, Smoking Martha, are releasing their debut album In Deep. After listening to their single Say You’re Mine, I would say that Smoking Martha is a traditional punk rock band, which is so refreshing considering the rock bands of today are becoming more and more plastic and glossy… Continue reading

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Dunkirk is definitely the best war-based film I have seen since Saving Private Ryan.

This is an incredibly moving and haunting survival film about British soldiers desperately trying to escape the ever-approaching Nazi German forces. They’re attacking by air and land. The British soldiers attempt to evacuate France at Dunkirk to England via ship, despite all odds… Continue reading

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Million Dollar Baby

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I have heard references to this movie within multiple movies (Pitch Perfect in particular), but had never bothered watching it. From the outside, I figured it’s just a violent, shallow and dark tale of a female boxer. So I never showed much interest before I was leant the movie, so I thought I should give it a go… Continue reading

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The Girl on the Train

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The Girl on the Train is up there with Gone Girl! A mind-twisting psychological thriller, through the eyes of Rachel (Emily Blunt) – a frail alcoholic who is the last person to see Megan Hipwell (Haley Bennett) alive… Continue reading

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