New Guy – Sarkodie ft. Ace Hood

New Guy - Sarkodie ft. Ace Hood song reviewFirst of all, I should declare that rap music really isn’t my jam.

But I do appreciate the general gist of the song meaning, which I understand it to be about making something of yourself when everything is against you.

Every story got a two-side
T-shirt tryna make it to the suit and tie

I think New Guy would be a great candidate for a remix.

The video is certainly something to rave about though; so cool! It’s directed by Justin Campos. Kudos to the editor too! Very impressive video.

When times is tough they look at me for answers
Hoping I can lift ‘em off from their fears and progress
So I grind, Sunday to Monday
I’m that new guy

I think if you’re into rap music, New Guy will be worth a listen.

Check him out:
Stream and download
YouTube Channel
Facebook Page



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