Courting Chaos

Courting Chaos short film. Punk sceneDirector: Alan Clay
Writer: Alan Clay
Released: 2013

A coming of age romantic comedy in which a Beverly Hills girl falls for a Venice Beach street clown named Chaos and she must overcome her inhibitions and become a clown herself for the relationship to survive.

Once a clown, now a director, Alan Clay is a successful homegrown indie filmmaker who has made this film Courting Chaos.

The film is about a girl, Ginger (Rachelle DiMaria), who falls in love with a street clown, Chaos (Alastair Bayardo). But in order for the relationship to work, she has to change.

Courting Chaos short film reviewHaving not seen the whole shebang, I’m not sure if the moral of the story is ‘change who you are to make someone like you’, or if it’s ‘be who you really want to be – even if it’s not what most deem to be acceptable’.

I’m assuming it’s the latter.

Judging by the sneak preview I have seen, it is certainly comedic. With the acting well above par, and the pacing of the jokes very well performed, I am looking forward to seeing the whole thing.

Courting Chaos seems to be an upbeat, colourful film. The most impressive thing about it, is that the film was made within 22 days!

Courting Chaos short film reviewGood on the cast and crew!

To sum it up, I’d say it is a quirky and honest film that anyone could enjoy.

Check out their website, watch the film here and like them on Facebook!

A pretty decent trailer below. All that’s missing is a voiceover I reckon!


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