Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour film review - churchill

Directed: Joe Wright
Written: Anothony McCarten
Released: January 2018
Starring: Gary Oldman Kristin Scott Thomas Lily James Stephen Dillane Ronald Pickup Ben Mendelsohn

If you thought Dunkirk and The King’s Speech were epics, wait until you see Darkest Hour. It’s another perspective of the remarkable rescue of British soldiers from the shores of Dunkirk, this time the story is told from inside British parliament.

With the Germans closing in, the battle appears to be lost. But Britain’s new prime minister Winston Churchill is not ready to give up. While his cabinet threatens resignation unless he agrees to peace talks with Hitler, Churchill becomes desperate to find a way to save the men on the front lines, and prevent invasion.

With merely hours to go until the Germans get through Dunkirk, Churchill has the weight of the nation on his shoulders as he figures out a way stop them on his own. But time is ticking!

Winston Churchill is played by Gary Oldman, whom I had seen in a lot of films without even realising it (Harry Potter, Batman, A Christmas Carol…). What a guy. The prosthetics are flawless, and his impersonation of how we’ve come to know Churchill was brilliant. You would think they had brought him back from the dead for the film!

darkest hour film review - churchill

Churchill’s speeches and his word-wizardry is legendary, and this film certainly takes advantage of this. It is dialogue-heavy, but I think that’s where the magic is, so make sure you hold your attention. There are some hard-hitting one-liners in this movie, powered by the shear emotion and strength.

Will you stop interrupting me while I am interrupting you! – Churchill

It is almost unbelievable how Winston Churchill saved not only the UK, but Europe from Hitler’s reign. He did it without the support of his cabinet, although, the British public were behind him as shown in a fantastic scene depicting Churchill’s first ride on the underground.

He speaks frankly with the public in his carriage; not speaking down to them and not sugar-coating anything. I got chills from the unity of the people, as they all proclaimed that they would stand up to Hitler and not reason with him in peace talks. As Churchill said:

You can not reason with a Tiger when your head is in its mouth! – Churchill

I don’t know how it must have felt having such a decision to make, but this movie certainly projected the stress and weight of the situation well.

darkest hour film review - churchill

A brilliant film with fantastic cast members, lighting and suspense. Akin to a courtroom drama, I suppose, but ultimately a fantastic alternative to watching a documentary on the events.

Definitely worth a watch, but I think the second watch would be better because there’s so much information to absorb.

Jodie’s rating: 8.5/10

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