Big Eyes

Big Eyes film posterDirector: Tim Burton
Writer: Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander
Released: December 2014
Featuring: Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz

A Tim Burton film with Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams in it, and composed by Danny Elfman… I kind of knew how this was going to pan out before even pressing play.

It was going to be a bit creepy – because Burton. Quirky and fun – because Adams. Emotionally charged and dark – because Waltz. And choirs and strings – because Elfman.

Big Eyes film - crying girl paintingNevertheless! This was not a totally predictable Burton tale because it was based on real people and events.

Being set in an era I love, with mesmerising art and admirable, strong female characters, I enjoyed this film very much.

This is the story of Margaret (Adams) who is the artist responsible for the memorable paintings of the children with big eyes during the sixties and seventies.

She married a salesman Walter Keane (Waltz) after walking out on her previous husband. (Which was a big thing for women of that time.) Keane told her that people don’t buy ‘lady art’, so it would be in both of their best financial interests if Margaret’s art was passed off as his.

Big Eyes film review - Tim BurtonOver 10 years, that lie snowballed into something much larger, where Margaret was lying to her daughter, lying to herself and losing her identity in a dominated relationship.

Big Eyes follows Margaret’s struggle to pick herself up and stand up to her husband. She had his name, therefore he had her work and consequently, her identity. It wasn’t going to be an easy fight.

Tim Burton has won me back as a Burton fan, because it was different enough, while still keeping the Burton-esk feel. Not everyone had heavy eyeliner, striped fingerless gloves, and Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp were not cast!

Yet the pastel colours, crazy eyes and gorgeous costumes still brought back fond memories of Edward Scissorhands and Dark Shadows.

Big Eyes film - creepy sceneThere were some great scenes, like when everyone’s eyes were like dinner plates in the supermarket. I was mesmerised by how believable Amy Adams is! She is an incredible actress for sure. I could completely understand how blinded she was in her marriage, just by her nervous gestures and mannerisms.

Christoph Waltz is so talented. He is portrayed as the conman who is vindictive and dark, yet so trustworthy and confident – like a used-car salesman. I think he is the best villainous actor in Hollywood.

I love films where the underdog gets justice and revenge…

A true story portrayed like that of a fairytale. We get in the head of a suppressed artist and woman, who expresses her feelings through the sad eyes of the children she paints. Wonderful film, with great 60s and 70s music and décor. Beautiful!

Jodie’s rating: 8/10

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