Broken Record – Short Film


Director: Andy S. McEwan
Writer: Andy S. McEwan
Released: April 2014
Featuring: Steven Patrick, John Gaffney, Darren McColl, Chris Quick, Paul Massie, Karen Quick, Alan Cuthbert, David Marshall and Tony Quigley

A great 11 minute film about two men finding a suitcase full of old records which they reckon will bring them thousands of pounds.

I enjoyed this film, it is simple and very well produced. The lighting is great, the camera work is steady, the sound is even, and the acting is natural. It’s come together very well indeed.

The storyline has a couple of plot-holes, like the context of the first scene, I’m not sure if they are painters painting a house or clearing out a deceased relative’s home. Not that it would have contributed hugely to the story anyway.

I’m not sure what the men decided to do regarding getting rid of the third guy who wanted some of the profits either, it wasn’t entirely clear.

BR02I think if each scene began with a wide or establishing shot, it also would have helped to give context of the situation.

The continuity was impressive, every shot led seamlessly to the next.

Despite those nit-picking critiques, I thought it was funny and enjoyable. A great scene is hidden at the end of the credits so keep an eye out!

A fantastic piece of work by Pentagram Productions UK (@PentagramProdUK and their Facebook Page).

This team have clearly worked well to make a short film. They should certainly be recognised for their skill and technique of film making.

Check out this fun Glasgow film below.


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2 Responses to Broken Record – Short Film

  1. Steve says:

    I just watched the film and think it’s a great little movie. A few exterior shots would be good, I.e., where is the house and where was the car parked during the conversation. Little things I know, but they would have added a bit to the film, including a little breather and space between scenes. If the film is a first attempt, then it is well above average and can’t wait to see what these guys do next.

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