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James Herman Banning: Greatest Story Never Told (short film)

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On Indiegogo, a group are asking for funding for their short biographic about James Banning; the first African American to fly coast-to-coast.

The makers are looking for $45,000USD to cover costs of filming, they have currently raised almost $4,000. Keeping the wardrobe accurate is going to be difficult as Banning’s story takes place in the thirties.

His story is certainly inspirational. After being rejected from flying (due to being African American) he made his own plane using a 14-year-old engine, with help from donations.

Four months after Banning’s record, he died as a passenger in a plane. He was refused piloting the plane at a air show where it went into a tail spin and crashed… Continue reading

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Invert – Origin Of The Telepathic Hero

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This is a sci-fi, action, superhero film that is looking for funding.

This movie is about a neuroscientist whose experiment backfired, and equipped him with the ability to manipulate minds.

An action-packed feature with Inception-esk scores. I have now noticed that the director/writer, Joseph Mbah, is a fan of Christopher Nolan which explains that similarity.

I’m impressed to see how young the director is – only 24… Continue reading

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Príncipe 69 – A Plea for Funding

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This is a humble plea for funding of a feature film about Cuba named Príncipe 69.

A woman named Hannah Imbert is raising money to begin filming her story about Cuba.

It’s a story that will avoid the stereotypical palm trees and beaches. Judging by the description of her feature film, it’s going to be about “an island that is left alone, ageing in time without make-up.”

To be frank, I don’t know exactly what Príncipe 69 is because she speaks in Spanish. But all I’m going on is her written plea, and it sounds genuine and personal… Continue reading

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Lost Angeles

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Lost Angeles is an independent film that is looking for funding. It is about a woman who went to Los Angeles in search of a modelling career, but through a series of trip-ups she finds herself homeless.

I was under the impression it was a documentary when I read the summary:

“The City of Los Angeles has the highest homeless population in America. It is constantly growing by thousands of people who are in search of an elusive Hollywood Dream. These people find themselves in compromising situations where work is hard to find and housing is exceptionally high…”

I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t non-fiction because of the effort the cast and crew… Continue reading

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